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Why call Yard Smart for Professional Landscaping?
As a member of PLANET, our goal is to create a quality, professional landscape design which allows the customer to express their ideas, while improving the value of their home. We believe your ideas are just as important as ours. We want the landscaping around your home to be a reflection of your individual style and tastes. We can turn your dreams into reality!


It is said that all good landscape designs begin with an idea. From the moment we begin to work with you and incorporate your ideas into our design, we are committed to providing you with landscaping that is a reflection of your individual style and taste.

We are committed to providing the customer with a landscape which will retain its beauty throughout the seasons. Professional landscaping serves many purposes…it makes your house more visually appealing to you and to others, it can help protect your home from the elements, and it can add to your home’s value. Before making a decision, consider reading the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET’s) tips on selecting a landscape contractor.


Patios are most commonly used as extensions of interior spaces for living, working, eating, and entertaining. As lawn substitutes, patios can reduce the amount of regular maintenance you need to spend time and money on.

Consider adding a patio — it’s a great way to compliment your home and lifestyle — by expanding your living area to the outdoors while adding beauty and value to your property. Authorized by Unilock, we design, plan and install walkways and patios with the finest interlock pavers.

Keeping your patio clean and shiny will add years to the beauty of your outdoor living space.

Water Features

An ordinary yard or garden can be turned into an attractive and relaxing place with well-designed water features. A fountain or the echoing cascade of a waterfall can enhance the pleasure of outdoor sitting. A garden pool creates a special allure to any garden setting, giving glistening reflections and the soothing sound of nature.

Over the last few years we have seen an explosion in the demand for water features. This has allowed us as an authorized contractor to start installing the Pond Supplies of America biological ecosystem. This system contains a skimmer/pump housing outside of the pond which hides and protects the pump and permits easy access to clean the biological filters. The system also includes a purifalls/waterfall filter system which allows a beautiful addition to any pond. The sound of splashing water is amazingly relaxing.

Waterfalls add oxygen to the water and provide a large area for beneficial bacteria to grow on. We have all the components for a perfect fit with the pond size of your choice.

Outdoor Lighting

After all the time, effort and expense you’ve put into your landscaping, why lose the beauty at night. Why not enjoy your property after dark with subtle lighting effects that bring out not only evening beauty to your home, but safety and security as well. In the summer, outdoor lighting extends the hours you can enjoy your garden, porch or patio. Yard Smart is proud to be associated with Kichler Landscape Lighting and Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, and offers you a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures to suit your individual tastes.

Yard Smart has the expertise to design and install outdoor lighting to suit both residential and commercial needs.

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